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Exercise Band Set

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In the same package three different strengths of resistance band. Exercise bands are versatile tool in toning and shaping the whole body. These bands are ideal for warming-up and for muscle condition exercises. You can do exercises to develop upper, middle and lower body muscles. Exercise bands strain joints just a little so it suits for a beginner as well as for advanced exercisers. The advantage of its small size is that you can take it along where ever you go. Includes 3 pieces of resisting rubber bands (light, medium, strong / size: 120x15cm) & written exercise instructions.

Pull force test:

Light – yellow (0.35mm):

100% (stretching) – 2,8kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 4kg

Medium – spring green (0.50MM):

100% (stretching) – 3.8kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 7kg

Strong – purple (0.65mm)

100% (stretching) – 5kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 8kg

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 120 x 15

WEIGHT (kg): 0,3

COLOR: yellow/spring green/purple


MAX.USER W (kg):

ITEM CODE: 62021