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Exercise Band Set

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Exercise Band Set


In the same package three different strengths of resistance band. Exercise bands are versatile tool in toning and shaping the whole body. These bands are ideal for warming-up and for muscle condition exercises. You can do exercises to develop upper, middle and lower body muscles. Exercise bands strain joints just a little so it suits for a beginner as well as for advanced exercisers. The advantage of its small size is that you can take it along where ever you go. Includes 3 pieces of resisting rubber bands (light, medium, strong / size: 120x15cm) & written exercise instructions.

Pull force test:

Light – yellow (0.35mm):

100% (stretching) – 2,8kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 4kg

Medium – spring green (0.50MM):

100% (stretching) – 3.8kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 7kg

Strong – purple (0.65mm)

100% (stretching) – 5kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 8kg

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 120 x 15

WEIGHT (kg): 0,3

COLOR: yellow/spring green/purple


MAX.USER W (kg):

ITEM CODE: 62021