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20kg Pump Set 20kg Pump Set 1

20 kg Pump Set

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20 kg Pump Set

This pink-colored Pump Set is perfect for training at home. Using the Pump Set, you will be able to train all the muscles in the body for strength and endurance. Includes a link to an online training program to get you started and training effectively at home. 3-piece-bar is made of resilient metal and is coated to ensure a secure grip. Weight plates are made of vinyl, so they will not leave marks on the floor.


• Instruction poster

• 140cm long 3-piece bar (2,5kg)

• 2 spring locks

• 6 weight plates (2×1,25kg, 2×2,5kg and 2x5kg).

• Grip area on the bar is 92cm

• Hole diameter of the weight plates is 30mm.

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 140 x 26 x 26

WEIGHT (kg): 20

COLOR: pink/black


MAX.USER W (kg):

ITEM CODE: 62053