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The name of this fitness accessory tells you exactly what it is intended for. With this Tunturi Jumprope Speed, you can do jump ropes even faster. The wire is made of PVC. This material is heavier than a regular rope and therefore it moves faster. The jump rope is used to increase endurance, for example in X-fit and boxing training. The jump rope is 280 cm. long and is suitable for adults. The handles are attached to the ends for comfort. There are various exercises you can do: normal, lateral, or forward jumps, criss-cross, running or deep jumps, and many more. Google "jump rope workout"!

The benefits of the Tunturi Jumprope Speed

- With PVC wire: moves faster than a regular rope

- Sturdy handles for optimal training comfort

- Jumping ropes are a fun way to strengthen your muscles

- There are various exercises you can do with the jump rope

Overview specifications

○ Length: 280 cm.

○ For adults

○ Color: Black

○ Material: PVC

○ Product code: 14TUSFU165

○ EAN code: 8717842020562