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14TUSYO052, Färg/styrka: Gul - Lätt39 kr
50 kr
14TUSYO053, Färg/styrka: Grön - Medium39 kr
50 kr
14TUSYO054, Färg/styrka: Blå - Tung39 kr
50 kr
14TUSYO065, Färg/styrka: Alla 399 kr
125 kr
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Versatile resistance band

Get started with the Tunturi Textile band for an effective and complete workout at home. This convenient, compact, and versatile training tool is suitable to do exercises for the whole body. You can use a resistance band as a warm-up, to recover, rehabilitate, or improve muscle strength. The elasticity of the band allows you to train at any level.

Increased intensity of exercises

With a resistance band, you can intensify familiar exercises, including leg, buttocks, and abdominal exercises such as jump squats, standing kickbacks and knee raises. Or you can do workouts that are specifically meant for the whole body. They can be used in yoga, fitness, cardio, physiotherapy, and strength training. You can easily bring the band with you to the gym or on holidays due to its small size and low weight. The band is available in three resistance variants: light, medium, and heavy.


✔ Train at your own level

✔ Made of environmentally friendly and high-quality polyester and cotton

✔ Available in three variants: light (yellow), medium (green), and heavy (blue)


○ Dimensions: L 64 cm x W 5.8 cm x H 0.2 cm

○ Weight: 50 gram

○ Material: polyester and cotton

○ Colour: Yellow - Green - Blue

○ Resistance: heavy (11 – 14 kg)