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Strength, stability, and stamina

Increase your strength, stability, and stamina with this Tunturi Strengthbag! The strengthbag comes with four sturdy handles and is suitable for different strength exercises. For example, go for kettlebell training, traditional squats, bench press exercises, or throw the bag as far as you can. Use your imagination and create your own fun and challenging exercises. The filling consists of sandbags weighing 5 kg. in total. The bags are easy to remove in case you want to reduce the weight for certain exercises.

The benefits of the Tunturi Strengthbag - Sandbag - Fitness bag

- Solid fitness bag with different handles for training your arms, legs, shoulders, and back

- Durable material: can be used both indoor and outdoor

- Combination of a kettlebell, medicine ball, and weight bar

- Weight is easy to adjust by removing sandbags

Go for a fitness accessory with endless possibilities. Order this Tunturi Strengthbag today!

Overview specifications:

○ Length: Tunturi Strengthbag 56 cm.

○ Diameter: 23 cm.

○ Weight: 5 kg.

○ Four anti-slip rubber handles

○ Color: Orange | Grey

○ Material: Bizonyl | Sand filling

○ Available in different weights (colors)

○ Product code: 14TUSCL361

○ EAN code: 8717842027608