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SAMLINGSBILD POWERBAND TUNTURI POWERBAND ORANGE Resistance: 2 - 15 kg POWERBAND GUL Resistance: 5-20 kg POWERBAND GRÖN Resistance: 10-35 kg POWERBAND BLÅ Resistance: 20-55 kg POWERBAND SVART Resistance: 25-65kg


Alternativ Pris Antal
14TUSCF027, Färg/styrka: Orange - Extra lätt 45 kr
95 kr
14TUSCF028, Färg/styrka: Gul - Lätt 75 kr
149 kr
14TUSCF029, Färg/styrka: Grön - Medium 149 kr
299 kr
14TUSCF030, Färg/styrka: Blå - Tung 199 kr
399 kr
14TUSCF031, Färg/styrka: Svart - Extra tung 225 kr
449 kr
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Options for beginners and advanced!

You can make your workouts more challenging with the Tunturi Power Band. Attach the resistance band to a weight bar while doing squats, for example. This requires you to make a greater effort. It is also possible to wrap the power band around your legs or arms for various strengthening exercises. As the band stretches, more resistance is created and thus the exercises become more intense. Tip: Search online for exercises with the resistance band. There are plenty of options for both beginners and advanced!

The benefits of the Tunturi Power Band - Resistance band - Fitness Elastic

- Perfect for building leg, hip, and arm muscles and for improving flexibility
- Flexible, strong, and durable
- Increase the intensity of a workout by making exercises heavier
- Ideal for at home or in the gym

Give your workout a power boost with this Tunturi Power Band!

Resistance indication:

- Extra light - 13 mm. - Orange - 2-15 kg.
- Light - 22 mm.- Yellow - 5-20 kg.
- Medium - 29 mm.- Green - 10-35 kg.
- Heavy - 44 mm.- Blue - 20-55 kg.
- Extra Heavy - 64 mm. - Black - 25-65kg.