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A sturdy rope made of genuine leather

Can’t wait to work on your endurance? Start jumping and make use of this handy Tunturi Leather Jumprope! A sturdy rope made of genuine leather with wooden handles. The rope rotates smoothly and rapidly due to the ball bearings. The jump rope is easy to use and is ideal for both beginners and advanced. You can use it for a workout outside in the garden or in the forest, for example. Or inside for a boxing training or fitness workout in the gym. Tip: Search for exercises on the internet, because there are an endless amount of exercises that can be done with a jump rope!

The advantages of the Tunturi Jumprope Leather - Sport skipping rope

- Simple jump rope with ball bearings for a fast and smooth movement

- For indoor and outdoor use

- Luxurious look due to the use of dark leather and wood

- Endless amount of exercise options

Go for this Tunturi Jumprope Leather today and start jumping outside or in the gym!

Overview specifications:

○ Length: 260 cm.

○ Weight: 175 gr.

○ Wooden handles

○ Color: Wood | Brown

○ Material: Leather

○ Product code: 14TUSFU167

○ EAN code: 8717842020579