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Wooden Plyobox POWERBOX

Plyobox i trä

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Plyobox i trä -POWERBOX
Obs: Just nu är leverantören master och plyoboxen heter "PowerBox". Samma modell som på bilden men annat tryck.
Roterbar med 3 olika höjder.

Wooden Plyobox

Wooden Plyobox is great and simple solution for varying box heights. It provides three different heights depending on which side is placed on the floor. The sturdy Plyobox with rounded edges and a non-varnished surface (for grip when landing) ensures that the Plyobox is a safe tool to use for plyometric training.

Product Details

• Quality plywood with rounded edges

• Packed as flat (easy to assembly)

• Three different heights in one (20″,24″,30″)

• Size: 76 X 60 X 50cm