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Pro Exercise Bands – 46m

Alternativ Pris Antal
61095, Färg/styrka: Extra Light / Apricot 1 100 kr
61095-2, Färg/styrka: Light / Spring green 1 200 kr
61095-3, Färg/styrka: Medium / Lavender 1 300 kr
61095-4, Färg/styrka: Heavy / Brown 1 550 kr
61095-5, Färg/styrka: X-Heavy / Sea green 1 650 kr
61095-6, Färg/styrka: S-Heavy / Purple 1 950 kr
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Skickas ut inom 5 dagar

Pro Exercise Bands – 46m


Gymstick Pro Low Powder and Low Protein Exercise Band are to avoid the dissatisfaction with the messiness of the conventional powdery bands and also to get rid of the concerns for latex allergy (Note: powder is used to prevent the tackiness of the latex). To get rid of these concerns, Gymstick Exercise Band are low in powder and low in protein, thereby improving the user’s comfort and also avoiding the concern for latex allergy. The protein allergy problem is solved by two steps: first of all, Gymstick Exercise Band is treated to remove most of the proteins content in latex. Secondly, Gymstick Exercise Band is washed to remove the excessive powder on the band, thereby reducing the possibility of the powder acting as a transporting agent of proteins into the skin of users when contact. Available in 6 different resistances.

Product Details

ITEM CODE: 61095-1

Apricot – Extra light (max pull force 300%: 2,5kg)

ITEM CODE: 61095-2

Spring green – Light (max pull force 300%: 3,7kg)

ITEM CODE: 61095-3

Lavender – Medium (max pull force 300%: 4,5kg)

ITEM CODE: 61095-4

Brown – Heavy (max pull force 300%: 5,5kg)

ITEM CODE: 61095-5

Sea green – Extra heavy (max pull force 300%: 7,7kg)

ITEM CODE: 61095-6

Purple – Super heavy (max pull force 300%: 8,3kg)

SIZE (cm): 46m x 15cm

WEIGHT (kg): 1,01