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Premium Bumper Plates

Alternativ Pris Antal
PRE BP-5, Vikt/Färg: 5 Kg/Grey 700 kr
PRE BP-10, Vikt/Färg: 10 Kg/Green 1 000 kr
PRE BP-15, Vikt/Färg: 15 Kg/Yellow 1 300 kr
PRE BP-20, Vikt/Färg: 20 Kg/Blue 1 650 kr
PRE BP-25, Vikt/Färg: 25 Kg/Red 1 950 kr
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Premium Bumper Plates


These high performance bumper plates are designed to fit all the Olympic plate regulations. Ideal for heavy duty use, the large steel-and-zinc centre hub increases both the integrity and durability of the Premium Bumper Plates. The Premium Bumper Plates satisfy all IWF specifications: 450mm plate diameter and a collar opening of 50.40mm and use all the traditional IWF colours for identification of weight category (within 0.5% specifications). Plates are sold individually.

Plate options: 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg

Product Details

ITEM CODE: PRE BP-5 / Grey 5kg

ITEM CODE: PRE BP-10 / Green 10kg

ITEM CODE: PRE BP-15 / Yellow 15kg

ITEM CODE: PRE BP-20 / Blue 20kg

ITEM CODE: PRE BP-25 / Red 25kg