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Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape

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63029-TU, Position: Shoulder 0 kr
63030-TU, Position: Lower back 0 kr
63031-TU, Position: Knee 0 kr
63032-TU, Position: Ankle/calf 0 kr
63033-TU, Position: Neck 0 kr
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Skickas ut inom 5 dagar

Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape


These pre-cut tapes consist of pre-cut strips of ready-to-use tapes in different shapes required for each particular application. Gymstick kinesiology pre-cut range offers support for neck, lower back, shoulder, calf & ankle and for knee. 5 different packages available.

• Can remain on the skin up to 7 days.

• Can be worn in the pool or shower without coming off

• Breathable and fast-drying

• Material: 97% cotton and 3% spandex fibers (latex free, medical grade non-irritating acrylic adhesive)

• Each pack includes 1pc pre-cut kinesiology tape

Product Details

ITEM CODE: 63029-TU (shoulder)

ITEM CODE: 63030-TU (lower back)

ITEM CODE: 63031-TU (knee)

ITEM CODE: 63032-TU (ankle/calf)

ITEM CODE: 63033-TU (neck)

COLOR: turquoise

MATERIAL: 97% cotton, 3% spandex fibers