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Power Wheelz Power Wheelz Power Wheelz Power Wheelz


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Power Wheelz is a fitness tool that combines exercise rollers and resistance tubing so dynamic multi-dimensional workout movements can be performed. Strength training movements can be done in both the standing and horizontal positions. The most demanding movements are the floor exercises because body weight need to be supported by the individual.

Power Wheelz is designed to offer total body resistance training, by allowing for hundreds of movements and variations, replicating free weight exercises. However, unlike free weights which introduce load in a downward direction as a result of gravity, Power Wheelz provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and in any position.

Product Details
SIZE (cm): 22,5 x 14,5 x 14,5
WEIGHT (kg): 0,9
COLOR: black/gray/chrome
MATERIAL: steel, pu, pp, pvc, nylon
MAX.USER W (kg): 100
ITEM CODE: 15013