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Phantom Training Mask S-L

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#xhale your limits! the phantom training mask experience!

Feel the Difference – Experience the Phantom Training Mask!

Why should you work with the Phantom Training Mask? Since you know about the importance of breathing and want to tear down physical and mental barriers, the next logical step is to boost your breathing muscles and continue your training with the Phantom Training Mask.

Strengthen your breathing muscles!
By working with the Phantom Training Mask, you strengthen your breathing muscles – your diaphragm and your intercostal muscles - and give them a power boost. Like any other muscle in your body you can also train your breathing muscles and push their performance. The Phantom Training Mask works just like a dumbbell for your breathing muscles. It allows you to adjust the resistance while inhaling exactly to the level you need. The higher the resistance your breathing muscles have to cope with is, the stronger they get. Stronger breathing muscles help you to inhale deeper and more powerful and therefore to supply your body with the oxygen it needs, especially when training or competing without the mask afterwards. Every athlete has been at the point of highest exertion, when conditioning and power reach its limit. The more often you reach that point while training, the more you push your limit, the further you'll get. By that you reduce the effects of early tiring and muscle exhaustion.

Boost your conditioning!
This brings us to the essential effect for your training: The Phantom Training Mask is the ultimate boost for your conditioning – your stamina and power will be stimulated by the use of the Phantom Training Mask. The Phantom Training Mask assists you in sustaining longer, conquering your limits and by that reaching a higher level of conditioning. The point in which your body limits you will set in later – therefore you'll be able to perform better and longer on a high level.

Boost your physical and mental energy! – The Training Mask Experience
If you focus on your breathing, you will notice that it gives you concentration and focus and therefore you're able to experience your body with much more awareness. Focusing on breathing is a fundamental element in many eastern philosophies, especially in Yoga, Tai Chi and a lot of martial arts. It is about time to use that potential! Body and mind form a unit, and only when combined you're able to achieve an optimum performance level. By increasing the resistance while inhaling and demanding a higher effort, the Phantom Training Mask guides your focus towards your breathing. Summed up, the Phantom Training Mask does not only strengthen your body, but also your mind. The result is a physically and mentally more demanding and powerful training.

Train more effectively!
Thanks to the Phantom Training Mask you can exercise harder and more effectively: By the extra effort you're able to push your body more intense. The Phantom Training Mask encourages you to bring peak performance.

In the long term, working with the Phantom Training Mask is beneficial in many ways: You can strengthen your breathing muscles, improve your conditioning, get physically and mentally stronger and train more effectively. Professional athletes and medical research have confirmed the positive effects of restricting the air supply on your training. Simply put,  you'll get tougher in your discipline, you'll be more focused and you'll be able to push your limits and achieve new goals. Xhale your limits!


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