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Nordic Walking Gym

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20021, Styrka: Light 249 kr
20022, Styrka: Medium 249 kr
20023, Styrka: Strong 249 kr
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Nordic Walking Gym


Modify your Nordic Walking poles into a Gymstick! With Nordic Walking Gym exercise bands you can modify your walking-, cross country- or alpine poles into a Gymstick exercise bar in just a few seconds by attaching the NW Gym bands on them. The combination of poles and bands will allow you to perform a complete workout improving your muscle strength, balance and mobility. You can choose to exercise in between your walking program in the open air or at home with the help of the NW Gym workout poster. Nordic Walking Gym consists of: a pair of latex exercise bands with special pole attachment strap system, a stylish black waistbag, Nordic Walking Gym instruction & workout poster.

Product Details

ITEM CODE: 20021

Light-green (resistance range 1-10kg / 2-22lb)

ITEM CODE: 20022

Medium-blue (resistance range 1-15kg / 2-33lb)

ITEM CODE: 20023

Strong-black (resistance range 1-20kg / 2-44lb)