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Gymstick Myofascia ball 12 cm Gymstick Myofascia ball 12 cm

Gymstick Myo Fascia Ball 12 cm

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MyoFascia Ball

MyoFascia Ball is an effective tool for myofascial release exercises to target different parts of your body ヨ glutes, quads, calfs, back and feet to name a few. With 12cm diameter it offers a great alternative to traditional massage balls. Non-slip solid core material with textured surface keeps the ball in place while training. This firm ball enables you to target sore muscles and penetrate tissue more deeply to relieve pain and achieve more relaxed muscles and better range of movement.

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 12x 12x 12
WEIGHT (kg): 0,09
COLOR: Black
ITEM CODE: 61171
Package: 13,5 x 16 x 11,5


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