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Multi-Home Gym

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Multi-Home Gym


Multi Home Gym offers a truly versatile and effective workout environment for every home user. You can effectively combine aerobic- and strength training with the same device. With Multi Home Gym you can perform a full body workout program safely and effectively for all muscle groups. Adjustable bicep-, dip rack and stepper brings new content to fitness training.

Multi Home Gym allows you to train, for example, the pectoral muscles, the deltoid, triceps and biceps, lower back- and hand muscles, front thighs, as well as adductor- and abductor muscles. You can train in addition, buttocks, abdominal muscles and calf muscles. 82-kg weight stack allows truly effective training at home.

Includes: Multi- Home Gym, tools for assembly and product manual.

Product Details

– Very strong and sturdy frame

– Adjustable load, weight stack 82 kg

– Secure the full-length metal weight stack cover

– Chest press and bench press on your shoulders, chest and triceps

– Lat pull and high pulley to strengthen the back and hands

– Dip rack

– Stepper with two hydraulic cylinder for cardio workout

– Seated leg developer

– Ankle strap for lower pulley to train adductors, abductors and buttocks

– Bicep bench and arm curl bar for making biceps and various rowing exercises

– Height adjustable bicep bench

– Dimensions in working condition: 191 x 108 x 202 cm

– Weight: 139

– Color: black

– Material: steel, iron, nylon & wood

– User weight up to 110 kg

– Warranty 1 year