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Alternativ Pris Antal
61050-3, Vikt: 3 Kg 149 kr
61050-6, Vikt: 6 Kg 199 kr
61050-8, Vikt: 8 Kg 299 kr
61050-10, Vikt: 10 Kg 399 kr
61050-12, Vikt: 12 Kg 499 kr
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Skickas ut inom 5 dagar

A cost-effective Vinyl Kettlebell with a contemporary design. The benefit of kettlebell training is based on functional movement which means that more than one muscle group is working at the same time. Training challenges your muscular and cardiovascular system using dynamic full body movements. The Vinyl Kettlebell  is suitable for home use.

Available in 3kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg and 12kg

Product Details

ITEM CODE: 61050-3

WEIGHT (kg): 3

ITEM CODE: 61050-6

WEIGHT (kg): 6

ITEM CODE: 61050-8

WEIGHT (kg): 8

ITEM CODE: 61050-10

WEIGHT (kg): 10

ITEM CODE: 61050-12

WEIGHT (kg): 12

COLOR: Black-Red

MATERIAL: Vinyl and cement