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Gymstick H.I.T.

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Gymstick H.I.T.

Gymstick H.I.T. is the second generation Gymstick, which combines all the best qualities of other functional products into one complete tool. Gymstick H.I.T. is designed for high intensity and performance training, which challenges the body in all three planes of motion.

H.I.T. utilizes a lever bar and resistance bands to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, cardio conditioning and balance. Gymstick H.I.T can be used as the traditional Gymstick by placing the loops on the feet but it can also be used by attaching the resistance band or bands to a wall anchor with the carabineer.

Product Details

• Two-piece sturdy high density stick with steel connector

-Assembled length 130cm / disassembled length 75cm

• 2 pairs of resistance cords with quick lock attachment straps

-Strong, black (resistance range 1-20kg / 2-44lbs)

-Ultra Strong, red (resistance range 1-40kg / 2-88lbs)

• Door anchor

• Attachment carabiner

• Functional carry-bag

• Instruction and workout poster