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Emotion 0.75kg Hula Hoop Emotion 0.75kg Hula Hoop

Rockring 0,75 kg från Gymstick

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Emotion 0.75kg Hula Hoop


0.75kg hula hoop brings versatility to core workout. Extra weight makes training much more effective than a normal ring training. Hula-ring training is fun and effective. The ring is covered with a soft eva material, so training is also nice. Daily exercise burns plenty of calories while reducing excess body fat and developing the deep muscles in the midsection. Training tightens the torso and enhance mobility while reducing the risk of back problems.

Includes: six parts 0,75kg hula-ring (diameter 90cm) and a workout poster.

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 90 x 90 x 3

WEIGHT (kg): 0,75

COLOR: pink

MATERIAL: pvc, pp

ITEM CODE: 61058-0,75P