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Gymstick Crank Bike X4 is the first home exercise bike, which also includes pedals for hands

Crank Bike can be used like conventional exercise bike but in addition it allows you to pedal at the same time with both legs and hands. Training with Crank Bike can be up to 40% more efficient compared to normal indoor cycling.

Training with Crank Bike allows completely a new way to build aerobic capacity. When pedaling at the same time with your feet and hands the muscular endurance will improve comprehensively, abdominal muscle will strengthen and also more calories will be burned. You can also pedal with just hands and by doing that improve your upper body muscle condition as well as the metabolism in the neck and shoulder area. Crank Bike X4 exercise bike is suitable for all target groups.

If you want a comprehensive and effective aerobic workout choose Crank Bike X4!

Product Details

– Manual magnetic resistance for legs and manual resistance for arms

– 8 manual resistance levels

– 5 kg flywheel

– Power supply: batteries

– Computer with LCD display

– Computer functions for legs: speed, time, distance, calories, odo and pulse

– Computer functions for arms: time, reps, calories and scan

– Hand pulse sensors

– Seat adjustments: horizontal, height and tilt

– Product size: 90 x 53 x 148 cm / 26kg

– Maximum user weight: 110kg

– Warranty 1 year