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Chair Gym Pro

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People are nowadays sitting longer than earlier and more prolonged periods of time

Continuous sitting numb and weakens the back muscles and the posture deteriorates over time. Chair Gym is a completely new fitness tool which allows you to edit your own chair to be a versatile gym. Chair Gym is a simple, effective and truly versatile fitness tool that lets you make dozens of different exercises while you sit. The product allows you to practice your muscular endurance, body control, mobility and balance in a sitting position or standing in front of the chair. Chair Gym is a great fitness tool also for older people who often sit for a long time at home. At the same time, it acts as a training tool for active exercisers who want to work out in a sitting position even at home. Chair Gym is a comfortable and safe workout tool that is suitable for both group training and as well for individual training. The product is delivered with canvas carrying bag so you can take it along where ever you go. Including: 4 pcs of leg units, 2 pcs of extra light/red exercise bands, 2 pcs of light/ green exercise bands, 2 pcs of foam coated handles, 2 pcs of ankle straps, 1 door anchor, 1 carry bag, 1 exercise poster incl. 15 exercises.

Product Details

SIZE (cm): multiple measures

WEIGHT (kg): 1,4

COLOR: black


MAX.USER W (kg):