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Misutgaru 900 g Misutgaru 900 g Misutgaru 900 g

Misutgaru 900 g

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GrainStar Misutgaru is a combination of roasted grains ground into powder.
The grains are first cleaned, steamed, dried, roasted and then ground.
The combination of ingredients makes this drink a beneficial health drink.
The grains have been carefully selected for optimal results in your body.

- Ingredients -
Black bean : 30 %
Brown rice : 25 %
Barley : 20 %
Black rice : 10 %
Millet : 7 %
Oats : 5 %
Black sesame seed : 3 %

- How to drink -
Put 250 ml water or soymilk/milk
Put 2 scoops (30g) misutgaru
Add some sugar or honey if needed
Use a shaker or a blender to mix
For a thicker consistency, add more powder or less liquid.

Whatever your lifestyle may be, GrainStar Misutgaru will cater to your needs.
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