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Gymstick Original

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11001, Styrka: Light 649 kr
11002, Styrka: Medium 649 kr
11003, Styrka: Strong 649 kr
11004, Styrka: Extra strong 649 kr
11005, Styrka: Super strong 649 kr
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Skickas ut inom 5 dagar

Gymstick Original


Gymstick Original is a functional resistance training tool that does more than replicating weighted exercises; it provides resistance in virtually any direction and in any position. Each exercise will improve core strength, balance, posture, coordination, muscle strength and endurance. It is a complete full body workout. Gymstick Original is available in five different resistance levels ranging from 1-30 kg / 2-66 lbs. It is the ideal tool for a range of users, children to seniors; rehabilitation patients to world class athletes; beginners to professionals. Included is the Gymstick Original, carry bag and workout poster. Two-piece fiberglass stick with easy quick lock-mechanism, assembled length 130cm / disassembled length 75cm